August 23, 2016


The Grand Canyon, South Rim, Arizona. Shared on #creativelycurated #grandcanyon #places
The Grand Canyon is soooo AMAZING!!!

This place has been on my bucket list since a young child. I vowed to myself long ago that I would see this place before I died some day, and as soon as we knew we would be driving West it was placed at the top of the list of stops along the way. I knew wouldn’t overcome my fear of heights prior to seeing this place but I was prepared for what was in store.

An to be completely honest, it was simple stunning an beyond breathtaking. The sky looked like it rolled on forever and the canyon appeared to have no end to it’s great depths. I stood clear of the edge, which is A-ok with me, though you could freely walk by it and take photos to your liking. And my better half walked closer than myself to snap a few prime photos (thanks babe) but all in all it was beyond anything I had ever imagined or dreamt up.

And to add a little extra icing on top of the cake, my boyfriend found a quiet area where we both sat to rest and he the popped the question an proposed, an of course I said yes!!! An the rest of the walk thru the canyon was a slight blur of excitement and shock as we grinned happily on our walk back to the car.

I highly recommend the South Rim. It was definitely a tourist area, which was ok with us, but it had some great views and you could freely hike if you wanted (felt comfortable) to do so. Enjoy!


The Grand Canyon, South Rim, Arizona. Shared on #creativelycurated #grandcanyon #places
The Grand Canyon, South Rim, Arizona. Shared on #creativelycurated #grandcanyon #places

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  1. The Grand Canyon is on my bucketlist. I would really love to do a South-Western road trip sometime soon! Congrats <3

    Kaili |


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