January 26, 2016


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I had never been a person with a green thumb but slowly over the years I have acquired one. I have to give full credit to my other half, because he was the one who inspired me to own more plants and helped me perfect the art of taking care of them… aka reminding me to water them, make sure they had sun or shade an giving them extra love when needed. Don’t tell him, but I still kill our plants from time to time but now it’s few an far between. Needless though, todays Trending Tuesdays are a few cool planters I’ve spotted out there an love. Our home is filled with many unique plants and planters. From simple plain pots to a plastic dinosaur who’s back was cut out and is housing a little succulent on our kitchen sink. Planters add a little something special (an a little extra green) to our home and are surely fun to admire. Do you have a planter collecting problem too? Come join the club, I think we're around 43 plants last time I counted ;)
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