January 14, 2016


RIP David Bowie | Illustration by Sandi Devenny © 2016 | CreativelyCurated.com #davidbowie #bowie #ziggystardust #illustration
It’s the end of an era when a name like Bowie comes to pass. I’m sure you’ve seen it thru all the media but what an amazing legend he was, and will continue to be. His music, acting, fashion sense, personality, an view on life were just a few things that were an inspiration to me. I recall the first time I was introduced to him was as a child as I watched the movie Labryrinth with some friends. I remember instantly thinking how awesome was this person! It wasn’t until a few years later I started listening to his music and truly appreciating his talents. He was a man of many hat and each decade he continued to impress people. I also love that it never seemed to bother him what others thought. What a great way to live your life. His alter ego Ziggy Stardust was an example of this, which I wanted to illustrated to pay tribute to such an idol. You will be missed David Bowie but never forgotten.


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