December 15, 2015


Trending Tuesdays : Advent Calendars || Shared on #creativelycurated

So occasionally, on Tuesdays, I thought I would take a stab at sharing a few things I have seen lately, an I enjoy. Be it a few different trendy DIY's or maybe something more holiday/seasonally appropriate, but needless to say, today's grouping is that of Advent Calendars. We have a few (3 lego advents + one candy advent) set up in our home this year but I love these takes on an advent. The handmade feel, an paper craft is just more personal to heart. After seeing such inspiration, I think next year I'll be rethinking ours a little calendar to make it a bit more special. Do you do a daily advent leading up to Christmas? What's it look like? If you have a photo of something creative you do or care to share link it below in the comments for us to see.  
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