September 3, 2015



Where have I been... Holy Moly has it been to long. Please excuse my absence an realize I am working hard to be back here more on a full-time level. I miss this place so much but there have been may steps along the way to get me closer to being here more. I’m really close, an will be posting more frequently soon. I don’t want to ramble, but for those curious, and if you see me on IG you know this all already but… we bought a house at the beginning of the year that had a major overhaul which was done in late April, so we (me and the kiddos) move in. Then in May, my better half moved in with us, so we started tackling the merging our two separate homes down to one (that’s surely tricky when you have one furniture collector, one art collector, and two small hoarders ((sorry babe we have the gene a little)) new space. Mind you we’re now on to decorating but have a lot of fun pieces we are trying to blend into our home but some may still need to go ta-ta. My kiddos returned home from their Summer month to the East Coast with grandparents and family to then jump back in an start school. Which school… oh school… it’s been an adventure adjustment for sure, as one kid loves it and the other is not wanting to go. We attended an awesome wedding last month (August), a couple friends had a new baby (Yay!) that month too, an tun there’s the daily work, life, just on the go stuff… but maybe, just maybe we can catch our breath before we’re into the Holidays. September!!! When did Fall sneak up on us?! I’m not to sure where the year goes. It seems like it was just the new year a day ago, and now it’s past half the year… J mentioned to me even today that when we’re kids it seems to take so long for the year to go by, but as adults there isn’t enough time. Why is that? Man, I wish I didn’t have to grow up at times. How nice would it be to enjoy a Summer break or a shot day at school over a full day at work. Well not to continue the ramblings but just a quick “hi, hello! I miss this space!” Much love and happy Thursday sweet friends.

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  1. Your place looks amazing! I envy creative minds - they somehow know how to make everything looks beautiful ahahah! My place is a mess and it doesn't have a theme. Husband keeps saying that we will have to hire a decorator when we buy a place hahaha


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