February 12, 2015


So with my kiddos we try to make homemade valentine's. Sure we could go out and buy some pre-made ones but something about handmade is more from the heart. If you have young kiddos you'd know their attention span is only so long, so I prepped my supplies before hand to make crafting together a bit less work and more fun for them. If you're scrambling to make a last minute valentine here's a quick an simple DIY to get you thru. Enjoy!

Peel & Stick Felt Sheets - found at Michael's
Peel & Stick Hearts - found at Michael's
Scissors or Xacto Knife
Pen, Pencil (writing supplies)
Old food boxes (we used Cheerios)

Open up an lay flat cereal boxes, or any lightweight cardboard boxes. Measure out card sizes, we wanted them to be 2"x3". You will write your message on the blank side of the cardboard, so on the reverse side where you have an image, apply the Peel & Stick Sheet. Carefully cut out cards (May nee parents help, I used an Xacto it was a bit faster). If you are attaching accessories to the cards I would suggest writing the message first while the surface is still smooth. Flip cards and apply accessories, Peel & Stick hearts. You could also use anything else you may have an care to decorate with, buttons, gems, string, etc.

*Note - I measured and prepped the cards before hand so they could enjoy the decorating stages.
A few years ago I made tags which this DIY is similar.


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