January 23, 2015



So lately I've noticed a change in my diet and my favorite friend ice cream is not liking me so much any more. It must be something about getting older but needless to say my sweet tooth is still in the mood for desserts. I've been limiting my dairy intake some and enjoying frozen custards or greek yogurt pops, an mind you, greek yogurt sounds odd but there are some amazing ones out there, I was surprise too. But recently I started making banana ice cream, yum! Technically it's not ice cream, but it sure tastes as good. I freeze banana's weekly to make smoothies so it was a no brainer to start making this faux ice cream substitute. Oh an that is a healthy glob of lite whipped cream on top (above), I can't cut all dairy out of my diet. ;) Enjoy & happy weekend!  

10 Minutes + 2 days of overnight freeze time // Makes approx. 2-3, 6oz servings

4 Banana's diced in 1/2 " circles
2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter (or more +/- to your liking)
1 Tablespoon of Chocolate Sauce (can sub dairy free)

Large Ziplock
Freezer safe container (I used a glass bowl)
Food Processor or Blender

Cut your all your banana's in 1/2" slices and toss into a ziplock back. Freeze overnight. I like to have banana's on hand frozen which cuts down on the waiting factor some. Once frozen transfer banana's to processor. You may have to do this in stages if you have a smaller processor not to overwork it. Blend (not liquify!) banana's. Add in peanut butter and chocolate sauce and pulse a few extra times. Transfer mixture into a freezer safe container and freeze. In a few hours, or over night it will be ready to scoop just like ice cream. Enjoy! Side Note - this banana mix turn to mush after being left out to long so refreeze what you don't use to avoid spoilage.

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