November 7, 2014


I've been working on exploring my own hand lettering. An though, by no means, am I a professional calligrapher, I still like to dabble in the arts of lettering. I see it as a challenge, and personally for me, it's another form of illustration, which is what my background is in. It's shapes, lines, thick and thin markings, all things make up a completed illustration. I like using pens, though they can be a bit scary an unforgiving some, this way I can't erase errors an have to force myself to continue practicing. I go through a bit of paper this way, but it's worth the continued efforts. I've found picking words or quotes is a good place to start so like others I've done this was a recent one from a few nights prior. To see more of my work there are a few links below or come visit me on IG an peek thru my work under the hashtag #sandidoodles. Enjoy! :)
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Doodles shared on my prior blog (AdaLou) >> HERE


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