October 9, 2014


Loving this bold graphic illustration an color palette by the Malika Favre. To see more of her work please click on the link below. Happy the week is almost over Thursday! :)

October 2, 2014


Let's be honest, everyone has their quirks. An when it comes to music, I have a little issue with over listening to music. If you know me, you'd realize this, and if you rode in my car (an I apologize to all you friends who have had the honor to ride with me) you'd realize that I listen to the same music over and over. It's not cause I'm lazy and forget to change the cd, because I could surely change it, but it's because I get into a groove of listening to one artist an honestly really just enjoy their music. I'm sure a few of you who know will giggle over this (or eye roll). But a few months ago my boyfriend played a song by this band called Magic! an boy was it magical indeed (see what I did there, boy am I humorous). Their mashed up style of reggae pop rock instantly caught my attention and made me want to listen to more, so I got the album and have been enjoying it ever since. I hope you will enjoy them too… And if you're curious, I peeked at my iTunes today and see I have gladly listened to their album 31x (which does not include in the car, an on my phone) on my computer, haha! Happy Thursday sweet friends.
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