August 5, 2014


So my kiddos travel home for 4 weeks of each Summer to stay with their grandparents an visit both sides of their family. With them being gone for a bit this gave me the opportunity to try to plan a mini room makeover. I live in an apt, and I really hadn't decorated their room much before this point. There was a larger dresser which they shared on one wall, some artwork hanging on the wall above this, an their bunk beds on another wall near the windows, a chair tucked in a corner, and that was pretty much it. We have a basement which is where their toys are located so the room decor was very plain aka nada. Carpeting is just not my thing, an very uninspiring to me. The wall paint (tan) is blah, an I really am not up for painting in my apartment, and overall I just didn't know how to decorate this space for them... My room kinda faces the same dilemma currently (that's another story though). But needless to say, I set a bit of a higher budget, an took it upon myself while they were out of town to redo the room and move things all about to give them a more friendly space. I really wanted to stick to a black and white theme, though I wasn't up for painting furniture so this was a bit hard, so I tried to add these pops elsewhere like in the rug, wall art, bedding, and other decor. I knew I would be spending a bit more because I wanted to give them each their own dressers, and a floor rug for the space, hence why my total below seems a bit higher. But all in all, they were so happy to return home to their new little space, and it seems to be enjoyed today and played in a bit more now so, so it was all worth it! Thanks for peeking into a corner of our home.
BEFORE PHOTOS // Sadly, I forgot to take before pictures, but if I come across some they will be attached to this post at a later date and noted below.

BUDGETED ITEMS // Unless noted below all other items I currently owned
Cubbie for Lego people (above bed) // $4.99 thrifted
Cragger Lego Chima Clock // $7.99 on sale Half Price Books
No Whining Postcard by Hammerpress // $3.50 
Wonder Woman Vinyl Toy // $7.99 on sale Half Price Books
Penny's Dresser // $72 from Revival Home Furnishings (local new/used consignment shop)
Desk Lamp // $9.99 from Target
Wyldstyle/Lucy Lego Clock // $24 via Amazon
Wire and hardware supplies for hanging school artwork // $7 from True Value
Star Wars Tin Art // $9.99 on sale at Hobby Lobby
Shadow Box for "Its the Little Things" handmade artwork // 99¢ thrifted (I'll share a DIY on this on a later date)
2 black and white cubes // $3 thrifted
4 Various frames for wall art // $5 thrifted
Wooden Book case // $4.99 thrifted
Can of black and white spray paint // $5
Cabana Rug // $54 from Home Goods
Jonathan Adler Pillow covers // $3 thrifted
White Down Alternative Comforters // $65 for the two, via Amazon
Curtains made from shower curtain // $13 from Target (I'll share a DIY on this on a later date)
Set of 2 black floor baskets // $3 from Target
Budgeted $300 // Total 304.34 from above items // spent a little more on new books, stickers and welcome home toys not pictured...

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  1. Very cute! I love all the Lego and Star Wars stuff. Everything goes very well together. :)


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