August 27, 2014


There's no doubt that I really love hand lettering! I am do my fair share of doodling for personally projects, but by no means do I feel I can compare to some of the talent I see out there. Some people make it looks so natural an easy. Like this artist, Noel Shiveley is someone I'm inspired by. I have been following his work online for a bit and while writing this post I decided I should just start following his IG feed to keep up with it more, but would you look at this, Amazing! Not only do I love the lettering and his unique design style but I really love the quotes. I feel that quotes or uplifting words of inspiration really speaks to me, and these were among a few of his current pieces that I liked, but there are still so many more. Please link on over to see more of his work or you can also follow his IG feed at @Noeltheartist Happy mid-week sweet friends!


Please note. All Images in this post are from artist personal website linked above.


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