May 19, 2014


So not just one, but two kiddos celebrated birthdays this month 6 days apart from each other. Completely unplanned that way, but thinking back about it now, I like that their birthdays are so close together. Maybe in the future it will help each of them remember the others special day. Little Miss P (Penelope) turned 4 yesterday though. In honor of her special day she ate donuts, received gifts, went out for lunch (her choice), ate cupcakes (princess, Disney Frozen themed and purple... the only way imaginable), took her new bike her dad bought her out for a spin and played around the house some. The day before (Saturday) she enjoyed plenty of time with friends and family in a bouncy house, jumping and acting all silly for her brothers birthday bash. And the weekend prior to that, the guy I'm dating, the kids and I all traveled to the Omaha Zoo, so it's been a few fun weekends of activities. So all in all, I'd like to think she had a pretty great birthday weekend(s). I still can't figure out where the time has gone, and though I miss that little baby she once was, I really love how this little lady has grown, and the age she's at now is probably my favorite. Happy Birthday P. I love you!


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