May 5, 2014



So this past weekend the guy I'm seeing celebrated a birthday and I had planned a surprise birthday dinner and night out with friends. I wanted to make it a bit more special for him to remember, so I made a few little things, keepsakes if you will, for the night. These candle holders, which sat on top of cupcakes where one of the items I made. As for my supplies... the animals/dino were bought in bulk for a few bucks at a party supply store called US Toy, gold spray paint from Michael's was the most expensive item, and then the flower holders on top are vintage and were purchased in bulk on eBay. Overall all the supplies where fairly easy to come by and then I uses an x-acto knife and screw to make holes into the tops of each piece where I'd then place the flower (though I cut them down some with scissors) along with some liquid glue. I love how they turned out and so did everyone else. Good luck if you decide to make some of your own and if you have any questions surely message me in the comment window below. Happy Monday!


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