April 18, 2014



A little under two years ago, I decided to get my first ever tattoo. Now it wasn't that I didn't want a tattoo before this, because I surely did, but it's that I really wanted something that spoke to me. There's nothing wrong with going and picking something off a wall, or printing out an image you find online that you may like, but for me, I want something original that spoke to me... So with my first tattoo, I hand lettered my children's names, which I really love how this piece came out. So fast forward to last week and I finally got around to getting my second tattoo (above & below). I find simple line work very aesthetically pleasing. If you've seen my artwork, my personal style reflects this. I had seen a few botanical pieces out there and really wanted my new piece to be a floral arrangement, and to have some meaning behind it too. It took me a bit, but I illustrated elements I loved to create this larger piece. One of my favorite flowers is the Ranunculus (the largest flower in my piece), I also like Lily of the Valley, Marsh Marigolds, Lady's Thumb, Geissorhiza, you'll see all of these in here, also there's raspberries (yum) and the Massachusetts (my home/birth state) state bird, the chickadee. So overall though this piece is like every other botanical looking piece, it's non the less entwined with things about me which I love. Does your tattoo speak to you or have some meaning behind it?

And a big thank you to my tattoo artist, Mikey Wheeler down at Mercy Seat in KC, Missouri. If you are local looking for a tattoo I highly recommend Mikey. Though he illustrated a piece I provided, his work (photo below of doodles) is beyond amazing and I'll certainly have him design me a another piece in his own style someday soon.


  1. I love it! I'm a huge fan of floral tattoos. I don't have any ink yet because I can't seem to decide on anything. I'm picky and want it to be personal. It's nice to have meaning behind your tattoos. :)

  2. Oh wow, that's a lot larger than it appeared in your sneaky IG photo...it's fucking amazing. Excuse my language but that is a beautiful tattoo!

  3. This is so gorgeous. I know I commented on your instagram awhile back but these photos have so much more detail in them.


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