April 29, 2014


That guy I like celebrates his birthday today. He's 30, which is kinda a big deal I do believe, so I wanted to show him I cared by putting a bit of extra effort into his gifts and gift wrap. There's a theme going on here though he doesn't know this quite yet. But if you know me, you'd know I love wrapping presents. The idea of the overall final result, that pretty wrapped gift when presenting it to the giftee, it just makes my heart smile. My guy is pretty special an over all amazing guy, but to nicely put it, he's also a big geek, which I love. Comic books couldn't be more appropriate for the occasion, so I took a few older ones I had stashed away and put them to good us. He already saw a photo of the picture above an he seemed to like it. So yay me, extra girlfriend points. I hope you have a wonderful birthday handsome and enjoy all your gifts!


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