March 11, 2014


Life's been very busy over here lately as I am juggling a bit more than a bit… but all in all life is good, adventurous and filled with lots of laughs these days. This photo above, was from our weekend outing. We went to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman (which was great btw) and then hit up the local McDonalds (that's right I feed my kids fast food at times) to snatch ourselves some Mr. Peabody toys in honor of the movie. Meal time is a constant adventure (if you have children (picky eaters to be more precise) then you exactly what I mean) and though it wasn't going as smoothly as it could have been, we still managed to make it thru it with a few laughs along the way. This girl, if you meet her in person, if you can't tell from the above photo, you'd quickly realize she's the comedian of our little clan. An in all honesty, I personally love it! I hope she always stays this silly, as she's always doing her best to make others smile thru humorous endeavors. The weeks almost to a middle point, but I hope it's been great so far. Best! :)


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