January 18, 2014



Over the Christmas holiday my daughter received a large collection of princess dresses, shoes, tiara's and other accessories. I love that she's wanting to dress herself and wanting to be unique with her style, I totally promote that, but I don't support, is the piles of tossed about stuff after she's done playign and moved on to something else... Up until now I had yet to find a good solution to store all of these pieces. But after I did a bit of digging about, I came across a few of these makeshift moveable closets which I'm thinking would prove itself beneficial for her situation. Something shorter, child size for her to access, that can house all items neatly in once place. I'm gathering info and size measurements to try my hand at building something similar. I'm not much of a builder, so wish me luck. Any projects on yrou weekend agenda? :)

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