January 6, 2014


I love how little hanging pendant looks. I also have a soft spot for bakers twine and I keep trying my best to figure out ways to incorporate it into every project I do. You can see I snuck it into the holiday gifts this year over here. The pendant though, a couple holidays ago I made a very simple DIY pendant (aka bunting) which you can view those instructions here. I have been seeing this very special guy who was away for a very long holiday break, and though I didn't want to go over the top on his arrival back home, I wanted to make it known that he was surely missed a great deal. Handmade gifts always seem more personal to me so I knew I wanted a little welcome home something or another and this pendant seemed like the perfect project to me... and it made him smile, an was very appreciated, so extra bonus point foe me, woohoo! If you decided to use my tutorial to make your own pendant, I'd love to see it, so link me in the comment section below. Happy crafting.

DIY PENDANT (view my tutorial for the DIY over on my prior blog AdaLou) 


  1. I love this. My boyfriend is coming home this weekend after being away for the Christmas and New Year holiday and this would be the perfect way to show that I did miss him. Thanks for this idea. :)


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