December 13, 2013


I often find myself day dreaming of taking a vacation. I really haven't ever been on a proper vacation before. Sure, I've traveled here and there for a wedding or two but traveling even outside of the states really hasn't been possible at this point in my life. But someday, it will be. I promise myself that. But for now I'm collecting points of interest that excite me. Places where the buildings have character and history that tell a story. Places where the plants, flowers and tree's I've never seen in person. Places where the weather is warmer, or maybe colder than I'm accustom too. All in all this new series "Where's There" is just that. A place of interest that I'm curious to know more of, somewhere new that excites me, and maybe, just maybe, somewhere I'll visit someday. If you've visited and/or live in any of the places I plan to share here please let me know, I'd love to hear all about it. Happy Friday, Happy weekend ahead! 



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