December 16, 2013



I love the holidays. Especially the fact that I love giving gifts, an I'm probably one of the only weirdo's out there who get's excited about wrapping gifts too. I love packaging things and making a gift look all pretty an special. If I could included gift wrapper on my resume, I surely would, but that may seem odd to others I'm sure... But with that in mind I've always had a hard time being on the other end of the spectrum, the recipient. Don't get me wrong, I love gifts, but I'm not the type who has ever wrote a list or asked for specific things for that matter. Though I'm uncomfortable an feel greedy if I reply, I was recently asked, show me things you love. Which is an easier concept for me. So if you knew me well, you'd know it would look a little like this (above). Enjoy and happy new week ahead!
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